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Character Number Six . . .

Hi all, me again (Darcy), this time with Fleur:

Fleur Ilyàbelle Delacour is the Liaison Spéciale pour la Départemente des Relations Magiques et Internationale (Special Liaison for the French Department of International Magical Cooperation), as well as former Triwizard Champion for Beaubatons Academy

With blue eyes, pale skin, and blonde hair, Fleur is your typical veela's descendant.  Since she's had to go through life with the "curse" of beauty, Fleur, at first, comes off as rather caustic--she's usually wary about anyone, especially anyone male, paying attention to her, because of her veela heritage.  She's very loyal to the few close friends she has, however, and, since her experiences with Harry Potter during the Triwizard Tournament, is making more of an effort not to judge people--even men--before she's given them a chance, even if that chance only lasts a minute or two.

Anyone who doesn't know Fleur personally would tell you that her best characteristic is her beauty.  But those who do know her cite her deep affection and caring toward her baby sister, Gabrielle as her most endearing quality.

Fleur has trust and self esteem issues, stemming from the way people have always looked at her.  The girls were all jealous, the guys were all smitten, and all because of something Fleur couldn't control--genetics.  She puts up an icy front, so as not to get hurt the next time a boyfriend turns out to only want to "get in her pants," and not care about who she is.  However, on the inside, she desperately wants to scream at those other girls, "Go ahead!  Take him!  Can't you see, I'd rather be your friend than be the reason you hate me?!?"

Fleur's happiest memory is of Christmas mornings, sharing crèpes and croissants with her parents and her sister after their small family gift exchanges.  The Delacours would talk about the most mundane topics, but were never pressed for a laugh on those Yuletides.

Fleur's first sexual experience was completely non-consenual.  That was the first time she realized that, just because the man said she looked nice, and complimented her, doesn't mean HE was nice.

A few of Fleur's distant French cousins are related to the Malfoys in England.  She's not quite sure WHICH distant cousins, or quite HOW they're related to the Malfoys, she just knows they are.

Fleur grew up in an all-wizarding household near Nice, in southern France.  She enjoyed walking along the beaches in the summertime, watching her hair turn whiter in the sun's rays over the season.

Her father, François Guillaume Delacour, was very respected in the French Ministry of Magic, and he worked as the Head of the Départemente des Mistiques (Department of Mysteries) for twenty years before he retired in late 1994.  Fleur's mother, a half-veela by the name of Charlotte DesOiseau, was also a Nonparler (Unspeakable, basically).

As a little girl, Fleur wanted nothing more than to be "Daddy's little princess" forever, and when Gabrielle came along, that dream included her little sister as well.  But eventually, the girls had to go separate ways when they went to different schools in Fleur's first year at Beaubatons.

Fleur's going to be working with the British Ministry of Magic, to help figure out what happened with the Paris portkey office, among other things.

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