p_ignatius (p_ignatius) wrote in inflecto_ooc,

My absence last night

Ok all,

I had a great birthday!

I didn't have the time I thought I'd have to get on the computer between work, errand-running, and the dance at my church though, so I'd be greatful if I could possibly RP last night's ball later on this weekend. Not today though, because 1) I'm on my dad's computer, and he doesn't have AIM, 2) I'm not going to be online for the rest of the day due to my birthday party, and 3) well, there is no 3.

But anyway, the next time I'm online, at least some of you will probably know it, since y'all have AIM.

*who is 21 now, and can be the "adult" in the car when her sister drives with a learner's permit . . . scary*
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