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n00b alert

Hi! I'm Ash ( worstangel ) and I'll be playing Su Li in the game. I've been rping for three years steady and think it's the greatest thing in the world. XD

Here's my character stat's:
Character Name? Su Li
Occupation (Student: House, Year, Special Status?)? Sixth year Ravenclaw; Chaser on the Quidditch team.
Physical Description? Short, pencil-thin, with chin-length dark eyes and hair.
Personality? Smart enough to put a Finishing Charm on her homework so she can play chess in the common room, Su Li isn't remarkably clever in the conversation department (especially when Michael Corner's around), but her addiction to Honeydukes' chocolate is known throughout Hogwarts.
Greatest Positive Attribute? She is the chocolate pimp. And her potions have never blown up.
Biggest Fault? Su has a tendency to freak out over the small things, blowing it up into a catastrophe.
Happiest Memory? Making a spectacular throw that knocked the Hufflepuff Keeper for a loop -- and it gave Ravenclaw ten points.
Most painful Memory? Falling off her broom five seconds after her Happiest Memory, due to a Bludger in the shoulder.
Family history (blood, relations to other characters)? Half-blood; no relations at Hogwarts.
Background Information/Biography: With a Muggle father (who's a psychiatrist) and a (slightly eccentric) witch mother, Su Li's life pre-Hogwarts was nice. Growing up in Hertfordshire, she led a semi-privileged life. While not rich, she certainly never lacked material posessions. At Hogwarts, she has a medium-sized circle of friends, all Ravenclaws. She's fairly normal.

I'm hoping to have some fun here and make a lot of friends.
Hopefully, this doesn't sound too newbieish.
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