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Dean Thomas


All About Your Character
Character Name? Dean Thomas

Occupation (Student: House, Year, Special Status?)? Gryffindor, Year Six

Physical Description? Tall, black guy; very open face; lean, fingers usually multi-colored because of painting/drawing; attractive but places little emphasis on his appearance by way of going out of his way *too* b e attractive.

Personality? Genuinely nice to mostly everyone. Very mellow. A bit aloof, but not meanly. Always willing to have a good time. A people person.

Greatest Positive Attribute? His artistic ability. The banner he made his first year for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team is the house's official banner.

Biggest Fault? Tends to go with the flow a little too much; to the point he's willing to do things he doesn't like/agree with just to not rock the boat and upset people.

Happiest Memory? Getting his first paint set and easel when he was 8.

Most painful Memory? His father leaving, or more the pain he felt when he realized he wasn't coming back.

Family history (blood, relations to other characters)? Muggleborn (but really half-blood, ala JK's site); cousin to Natalie McDonald

Background Information/Biography: Parents are from Jamaica originally. His biological father and mother met at a grocery store in London, fell in love, etc. Under pressure of Death Eaters, Dean's father had to leave without a word in order to protect them. Mother later remarried, and he has two younger brothers and a younger sister--all of whom are muggle. It's one big happy family, but Dean still wonders about the reason's behind his father's leaving.
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