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More hijinks on High Street

Brynne Dunstan is moving to Hogsmeade to open a branch of Quality Quidditch Supplies. The Diagon Alley location of QQS was started by Brynne's great, great grandfather, and is in the process of being handed on to the next generation.

Born August 25, 1978, Brynne attended Hogwarts from 1989-96, being sorted into Hufflepuff House. She is the youngest child and only daughter to, Purebloods, Julian and Gwyneth Dunstan. Her oldest brother, Bran, 25, is taking over the family business as their parents move toward retirement while Dylan, 22, plays Beater for the Tutshill Tornados. Dylan's true love is for the sport and he has no head for business. By opening QQS Hogsmeand, Brynne is saving him from having to leave Professional Quidditch to assist with the business.

If you see her on the streets of Hogsmeade, stop and say hello. Brynne is 5'9" and slim with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is reserved around new acquaintances, but will quickly warm up if the discussion turns to Quidditch. Brynne is a loyal and helpful friend once she gets to know you, and she is very family oriented.

Oh, and if you play professional Quidditch and even think about asking her out for a date, think again. Don't believe me? Go ask Patrick Connolly.

Brynne is up for any sort of plottage. Feel free to ping me at Yahoo user disparagingrant if you have any ideas for Brynne or Quality Quidditch Supplies ~ Hogsmeade.
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